Meet Chumlee! This is our new dog. He’s very gentle, calm and sweet. He’s a bull arab/labrador cross and he’s one year old. He’s very curious, good with kids, and his favourite food is chicken. 

He doesn’t know his own name.

His previous name was apparently Orion, but since no human has likely ever spoken to him, it didn’t matter much that we changed it. Chumlee was adopted from an animal shelter where he, and his seven siblings had been taken from a neglectful and possibly abusive private shelter. They had been treated so poorly that four of his siblings were deemed unfit for re-homing.

He didn’t know what a TV was, or a cat, or a glass door (that last one was kind of funny though)- he’s never seen children and he doesn’t know how to use stairs. It takes a lot of work to catch him and pet him, and when you do pet him, he practically tries to diffuse through the nearest wall. But he’s warming up to the household slowly. Today, without me approaching him, he walked over and sniffed my hand of his own accord- and he loves to watch us when we’re in the kitchen. We’re hoping he can overcome his shyness and have a normal life now. 

We adopted Chumlee from this shelter a few days ago, it’s the same place we got my gigantic and beautiful cat (who was abandoned in a cardboard box with his siblings). We also adopted my late Guinea Pig, aptly named Pig (left in an empty house’s backyard with no food or water because he was too difficult to move house with).

Dunno. I just felt like I should share that with Tumblr, because while the kittens and puppies at pet stores seem so lovable and cute, I feel so much better knowing that we gave these beautiful boys a second chance at life.