“Men categorize women in one of four ways: Mothers, virgins, sluts and bitches.” -Syrup, 2013

I can’t be the only one who noticed this, right? 

The men in the top three images are (from left to right) Steven Moffat, Stephen Thompson, and Mark Gatiss— the three writers of BBC’s Sherlock. 

Now look, as a series, Sherlock has a lot of strong points. However, its portrayal of women is definitely not one of them— not by a long shot.

So, to the men listed above, here is my message to you: reducing women to tired archetypes does not make you a good writer. Demonising women as sluts and bitches does not make you a good writer. Raising women onto pillars as virgins and mothers does not make you a good writer. It only makes you sexist.

Did you ever stop to think that maybe it’s some people’s perception of how these women are being portrayed that’s sexist?

Mrs. Hudson: Yes, in addition to being good friends with John and Sherlock she probably does see them as her sons…and? Mrs. Hudson likes and cares about John and Sherlock just as they like and care about her. It’s called friendship. I wasn’t aware that the subtle dynamics of it had limitations.

Molly: She’s rather innocent and yes hopelessly in love with Sherlock. Does innocence=virginity? Fuck no it doesn’t, just as being promiscuous does not mean that you have had sex. Molly’s smart. She’s kind, loving, and hard-working. She may be naive and fawn over Sherlock, but that in no way makes her any less valuable of a character or negate her worth as a strong, intelligent woman.

Irene: First off, sluts only exist in the eyes of those doing the name calling. Also people need to get the fuck over the idea that sex and sexuality is a bad thing when it’s actually just as natural as anything else in this world. Instead people who understand and are comfortable with this fact are called “sluts.” Irene is totally and completely comfortable with her sexuality and uses it as a tool, a powerful tool that allows her to bring the British government to its knees.

Sally: I personally don’t like Sally, you’re not supposed to like her. But she isn’t a bitch, she just doesn’t like Sherlock and from a police officer’s point of view she finds him suspicious and a threat. She’s just doing her job.

Sherlock is not sexist. None of its writers are sexist. Putting women into categories that you feel their personality traits fit into is sexist.

I’m amazed at people who fail to see the issue with how Sherlock treats women. Is your standard for women set SO LOW that you really think that their treatment here is acceptable? 

Mrs. Hudson is probably the best treated character of the bunch, but she is a minor and limited character. She has little autonomy in the course of the story. Her few moments of importance are aimed at characterizing Sherlock, and that’s it. She’s an ok character, but a flat and undeveloped one for the most part. Her one moment of almost depth was when she kept the information hidden from the guys that beat her up, and even then, that whole scene was aimed at creating empathy with SHERLOCK, not on her. From the way it was filmed to the nature of the dialog, Mrs. Hudson exists solely to make Holmes look like a child with a soft spot for his mother figure. 

Onto Molly. I do like Molly, but she is horribly mistreated by the narrative and by Sherlock. She is constantly verbally abused by Sherlock, treated as pathetic and naive for her ~girly girly~ feelings. The scene where she tried to give him a present is the perfect example of this. Sherlock pushes her around, especially when it comes to her having feelings for him, and the narrative doesn’t really seem to have a problem with that. And I find that to be a serious issue. She is portrayed as weak because she has feelings for Sherlock. The season 2 finale works to somewhat work against this, but only to reenforce that Molly still loves him and will still help him, despite being an emotionally manipulative and abusive ass. Molly isn’t really given a chance to have a life, or interests, or empowerment that don’t COMPLETELY revolve around the man who emotionally abuses her. (Her only step away from this was dating Jim. Yeah, I’m sure that was great.) 

I have no idea how people can defend BBC’s Irene. It’s horrific. Her entire portrayal is like a 17 year old boys wet dream. She is seen entirely through a lens of male gaze. I’m honestly not even all that bothered by her hyper-sexualization (other than to role my eyes at how puerile BC Sherlock seems to be about nudity. Uhuhuhu boobies. Watch Sherlock key smash his mouth. Hilarious.) . I AM bothered by the way that she IDENTIFIES as a Lesbian, up to the point where she wants to bang Sherlock. (Ah yes, Lesbians are just waiting for the right man? Excellent stereotype to push, BBC. Thanks a fucking lot.) On top of that, Irene is defeated because of her ~girly girly~ feelings. As Sherlock says sentiment is a “chemical defect of the losing side.” Like with Molly, emotion in women is seem as some kind of weakness (emotion in men is used for Queerbaiting! ~yay~/ugh) On top of all of that, we have the reveal that Irene was ONLY ever a threat because of Moriarty, not because of herself, and she has to be saved by the ~scary scary brown terrorists~ at the end. Super disempowering and gross.

The way that Sally is treated is ALSO super gross. As the ONLY recurring character of color on the show, her poor treatment (along with all the OTHER racism within BBC Sherlock: the ~scary brown terrorists~, the ~scary Chinese mafia~) is really troubling. On top of that, WHAT does Sherlock shame her for? Fucking Anderson. That’s right, our ONLY Woman of Color on the show is derided the first time we meet her as an over-sexual adulterer. Hooray for invoking horrific racial stereotypes! 

I hate to think of what you consider to be a GOOD, well-written, complex female character if you think that the above aren’t a problem. BBC Sherlock is an utter mess at writing any character who isn’t a white dude who they can queer-bait with. Their treatment of people of color is horrific, their treatment of women is worrying, their treatment of LGBTQIA+ folk is down right insulting, their constant fat jokes are juvenile, and their complete ignorance about ACTUAL mental conditions is pathetic.

It’s fucking fine if you like BBC Sherlock. But understand that the problems that it has are not some kind of projected failing on OUR part. They are failings the show brought to the tabel, covered in glitter, and then acted so so damn clever for having. 

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Superwholock cosplay at London MCM expo!


Superwholock cosplay at London MCM expo!

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is it rude to shoot yourself in the face when someones talking


I’m not sure whether I should laugh or cry.

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Superwholock AU: The Doctor introduces Sam and Dean Winchester to Sherlock.

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I wonder if there would ever be a Arthur Conan Doyle episode in Doctor Who like the one they created for Vincent van Gogh.

Except when the Doctor takes Doyle to modern ages to see the Sherlock Holmes museum he cries for an entirely different reason.

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ppl keep telling me to watch sherlock and i wish there was a word longer than “no” that i could use to get across how little i want to do that

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If Sherlock was an animated show. 

I took random screencaps from A Scandal in Belgravia and redrew them as cartoons.  

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Share a Coke with Sherlock

“Share a coke with Sherlock” is some pretty unfortunate phrasing given what we know about the guy’s drug habits.

I snorted.

So did he.





Share a Coke with Sherlock

“Share a coke with Sherlock” is some pretty unfortunate phrasing given what we know about the guy’s drug habits.

I snorted.

So did he.

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“why dont you want to watch sherlock????”

love the show, loathe the fandom

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Sherlock bought his wife a lucky cat for Christmas.

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Harry Potter AU - Professor Holmes
Potions Master Sherlock with his favourite talking Horcrux skull.
Because I’m doing a HP AU rp again and I like it.


Harry Potter AU - Professor Holmes

Potions Master Sherlock with his favourite talking Horcrux skull.

Because I’m doing a HP AU rp again and I like it.

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By the way, Lucy Liu, fuck you. Thinking you can pull off an Asian, FEMALE John Watson?





The only person that could pull that off is Martin Freeman in a black wig and a Harajuku/Lolita dress. Yeah, no bitch.

oh boy

divulge-deduction tells Lucy Liu off for being an asian female actress playing a role that has previously been played by a cartoon mouse

stay tuned

good work


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#Always reblog #because Mark just comes out of fucking no where #and plants that kiss on Andrew’s cheek #because FUCK YOU #HE’S MARK GATISS #AND HE DOES WHAT HE WANTS

The smile on Andrew’s face as he realizes what Mark’s about to do it’s absolutely precious.

Maybe if I get someone to film me talking about what a brilliant writer he is, Mark will pop up out of no where to give me a smooch.

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You know what though

Jim’s little diguises - Rich Brook and Jim from IT - have one thing in common:
They’re both total sweethearts.
They both have a gentle demeanor and seem to care about the women they’re fooling. They’re both anxious around Sherlock. They’re both inoffensive and fuckingadorableohmygod.
They both have a heart.
No one is that good of an actor. The one thing you can’t fake is a heart.
If he was heartless, Molly would be dead. She saw Jim’s face, she was a liability. Why didn’t he kill her? He’d heard all Molly’s stories, he knew she was important to Sherlock, if only a little, so why didn’t he kill her? Why didn’t he threaten her with the gunmen during Reichenbach?
I’ll tell you why. Because Molly is lovely and he cared about her. He purposely excluded her from the threat because he didn’t want to hurt her.
Even during their first meeting at the pool, Jim showed an unusual lack of self restraint “THAT’S WHAT PEOPLE DO!”. His face wasn’t blank, it wasn’t a pokerface like Sherlock’s. He was expressive. He was emotive. He was human.
Jim has a heart.
I think that on the roof during Reichenbach, Sherlock realised this.
He realised that Jim wasn’t acting.
He realised what Jim really wanted: to not be alone; to find someone just like himself; to find  someone not-ordinary. Most of all, he wanted that person to be Sherlock.
Sherlock saw the level of frustration and disappointment and, let’s be honest, sadness on Jim’s face when he thought Sherlock was stupid and ordinary, and when he thought Sherlock would jump to save his friends.
That’s how he beat Jim.
The way he asserts himself on Jim, moving right up into his personal space. Think about it. He never does that. He’s attacked people, usually in self defence, but never anything quite so personal, quite so intimidating.
He’s risking John’s life by doing this. He’s risking the lives of all his friends and he doesn’t care. In those moments, Jim is his primary focus. 

But then, listen to his voice, listen to the things he is saying.
Ordinary people have hurt Jim, there’s no doubt about that.
Sherlock is telling Jim that he isn’t ‘one of them’. He isn’t ordinary.
Sherlock isn’t being cruel, he’s being gentle.

We’re just alike, you and I.

And they are just alike, apart from that one little thing that they don’t have in common:

Sherlock is the good guy who doesn’t have a heart, and it’s his biggest weakness.
Jim is the bad guy who does have a heart, and it’s his greatest tragedy.





((ow. Jim actually having the slightest bit of care for Molly has always been a headcanon of mine but ow.

oh my heart omg

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